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Stella is also a creative director, producer, and digital marketing manager with experience in media, fashion and the arts. 

They have worked as a creative director and production manager for photoshoots, music videos and multimedia content with a wide range of UK musicians, designers and brands, such as Neco London, Ada Zanditon, Ada Zanditon, and others. As a digital marketing manager and editor they have coordinated multimedia digital campaigns and curated branded editorial content with brands such as Green & Blacks, Swarovski, Havana Club and others. 

Stella’s skills include graphic design, set design, video editing, copywriting, and styling, which they have brought to projects not only with designers and brands but also in their work with activists and local businesses. Stella works making graphic branding and logos for local businesses and organisations such as Burley Fisher Books, Transmissions, BLM protest organisers and Democrats Abroad. Stella also designs event posters and promotional graphics for a number of London’s LGBTQ+ nightlife events.


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I’m always looking to work and collaborate with new brands, artists, designers on events, masks and all sorts of projects so please drop me a message and let’s make magic together!

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