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Stella is a multimedia mask designer working in plastics, metals and 3D printing. Their masks intersect design, fashion and performance, seeking to push the boundaries of drag and explore ideas of private identity, gender expression, technology and sexuality. 

Alongside their own pieces they collaborate regularly with other designers and artists. Stella’s most notable ongoing collaboration is with 3D print designer Sam Ostwald, combining technology, design and conceptual art to create 3D printed masks and headpieces.  Their masks have been featured in music videos, on catwalks, and in editorials such as HUNGER, The Telegraph, and Noctis Magazine. Stella’s masks are available for loan for shoots and events, and are currently taking enquiries for custom pieces.


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I’m always looking to work and collaborate with new brands, artists, designers on events, masks and all sorts of projects so please drop me a message and let’s make magic together!

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